We Met the Beast

On Sunday Hannah and I had the pleasure of meeting a giant beast. 

Mr. Rainier. 

And because this beast is such a stud, whatever I say won't do him justice. So, I'll let the pictures talk.

On the way we passed a gorgeous lake. I was .02 seconds away from jumping out of the car and hijacking someone's jetski

The car sickness from the 500 million mile long curvy road was well worth it

This little guy was pretty adorable


Considering we're from Iowa, we were pumped to see some snow on the ground!

On the way home Hannah and I were both starving so we stopped at a cute little town to buy some nectarines. We snagged 10 for only $5! 
Do I stink at spelling or did they spell nectarines wrong?

Have any of you been to Mt. Rainier before?
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  1. your pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, gorgeous photos!!! {and I definitely think their spelling was a little off, not yours haha!} Thanks so much for sharing over at The Blogger's Digest.


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