Mother Jill is in the House

Last weekend Momma Jill flew to Seattle for a quick vacation! 

The only disappointing part of the weekend was that it rained. It has never full on rained yet this summer, but the moment my mom comes, it does. I felt so bad for her. She didn't have the opportunity to see the freaking gorgeous mountains, but we still had a great time!

We absolutely had to take a stop at Top Pot to start our day off with the tastiest doughnuts and, of course, chai tea.

The day was spent shopping at the greatest place in the world, University Village. Anywhere with a Starbucks AND an Anthropologie = heaven

Later that day we met up with a friend from Iowa to down a seafood feast at The Crab Pot. This restaurant was on my summer to-do list. While I didn't particularly enjoy my meal, my mom's crab was DELICIOUS! 

The next day I had CrossFit in the morning and during the afternoon we took a stop at the UW bookstore. My mom and I became best friends with a furry little guy. I also purchased the comfiest sweatpants.

Tasty food, mother daughter time, and new sweatpants make for one successful weekend!

How was everyone's weekend?

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