Summer To-Do List

Seattle is full of things to do! After doing some research, I have made quite an awesome to-do list for this summer :)  

First up, spend a sunny afternoon at Lincoln Park. 

2) Watch the sunrise/sunset at Kerry Park

3) Take a road trip to Forks, Washington

You know, the place where this was filmed!

4) Rent a canoe and spend the afternoon rowing Lake Washington

5) Explore the Pacific Science Center

6) Hike the Sourdough Ridge Trail

7) Take a weekend trip down to Portland to visit my friends from college!

8) Spend a Sunday at the Fremont Market

9) Sightsee at the Ballard Locks

This picture doesn't look too pretty, but I hear this place is really cool!

Now.. for the grub!

1) Elliot's
2) Crab Pot
3) The 5 Point Cafe
4) Crisp Creperie 
5) Bakery Nouveau

I can't wait to start scratching things off the list!

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  1. Lincoln Park is awesome. Amanda and I took our engagement pictures there. Plus, we lived about a block from the park. We loved it there. Where does Hannah live in Seattle?


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