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Sunday night my sister and I had the privilege of meeting with an old family friend. Our families were very close while growing up. Our dads worked for the same company, we attended the same church, and we took annual vacations together. Unfortunately, they ended up moving away. We tried to stay in touch as much as we could. We tried to attend their grad parties and weddings but most of the time we weren't able to. So, when Taryn told us she was coming to Seattle, Hannah and I knew we had to see her!

We set up a dinner date and were finally reunited after 10 years! Nothing had changed except now she has a gorgeous ring on her finger! Taryn is still the sweetest, prettiest, and funniest person. We didn't stop talking the entire dinner and afterwards we took Taryn and her husband for a tour around the city. This was just one of the amazing views we saw that night...

It was so awesome being able to see her and I already can't wait until we can see each other again - hopefully along with the rest of her family!

Yesterday I nannied all day. We cleaned windows (seriously - this was HER idea)

baked cookies, watched movies, and played with their adorable puppy, Jack.

Tonight, Hannah and I are going out for SUSHI!! WOO HOO! Seriously can't wait.. sushi is the bomb. 

Later this week I'm going to work on composing a blog post about the places I'd like to explore in Seattle this summer - so stay tuned! 

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