Dude, You're Awesome

I have always thought Ashton Kutcher was a pretty cool guy. And then I watched the speech he gave at this years Teen Choice Awards. He's probably the awesomest, sexiest, and smartest man on this earth. Along with the One Direction boys and Macklemore, of course :)

But really, this speech is quite amazing. Watch it, right now!

1) Opportunity: 
"Opportunities look a lot like work" I have never looked at my jobs this way. I have always looked at them as something I had to do. While I didn't love my job as a CNA and some days I dread volunteering with a Child Life Specialist, I know that both of these jobs are an opportunity for me to be something greater.

2) Being sexy:
Can I get an amen on this one?! I have nothing to say. He nailed it. On another note...Anybody else think it's ironic that Zayn's face from One Direction popped up on the screen right before he brought up being sexy? 

3) Living life: 
The world is an interesting place filled with social "do's" and "don'ts." And from these comes judgement when someone decides to "do" the "don't." Judging someone for living their life the way they want to I feel is wrong. Build your life the way you want to. Don't listen to the people who judge you. "Build a life. Don't live one."

What did you love most about this video?
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  1. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this :D he is just epic in this speech!

  2. I saw this speech and YES loved it. so great to tell kids.


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