Last weekend was a complete BLAST! I decided to take a bus down to Portland to visit some friends from college.

Eileen, Tierney, and I started our Saturday off by picking up coffees from Dutch Bros. Eileen always rants about how good their coffee is so I of course had to try out their skinny vanilla latte. Can you say delicious and cheap?! We then took the MAX down to the Saturday Market. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Portland, grabbing ice cream from the Salt & Straw, and sneaking into Nike's headquarters. 

Saturday night consisted of indulging on Portland's famous Voo Doo doughnuts. We had to stand in line for quite sometime, but it sure was worth it. 

 On Sunday, Eileen and I took a trip to Sauvie Island to visit another one of my best friends, AJ. He lives on a potato farm so we were in the fields all day hand picking potatoes, beans, broccoli, peaches, blackberries, and corn! We also took some time to visit the beach :)

It was so much fun being able to see where my friends grew up! I already miss them, but we'll be reunited in less than 2 weeks for our sophomore year of college :)

Have any of you been to Portland before?


  1. And now I'm jealous!! I lived there for two years attending Univ of Portland. I miss the MAX, Saturday Market and the life there!! I hope you enjoyed it :)

  2. i've never been to portland but would love to visit! and i love that your friend lives on a potato farm. how i wish i could grow my own produce!

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  3. i really need to go to portland.. so many great places to eat and see!


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