Lessons Learned

Here are just a few things I have learned so far. People who have never been to a big city.. take note so you don't make a fool of yourself like I did. You're welcome :)

1) When there's a little beeping sign at the crosswalks, it's not because someone planted a mini bomb there. It's a helpful way to notify the blind that they may cross the street.

2) Public transportation. High schoolers use it! When I used it for the first time yesterday I couldn't grasp how many teenage kids were using this system to get home from school. They don't have cars? Are their parents really strict? No.. it's cheap!

3) Organic eggs. Don't buy them. They taste like chicken poop.

4) Expect to walk a few blocks to your destination unless you're really good at parallel parking. There aren't little handy parking lots every place you go. This means that my sister and I have to park approximately a mile away when we simply want to go out for supper because we both royally fail when it comes to parallel parking.

5) City driving. AHHH! There's no more "I'll leave my house 10 min before school starts." You kind of have to plan ahead when it comes to this. But don't worry, I'm kind of owning this city driving if I must say so myself :)

6) It's recommended required that you lock your doors at night. WHAT? I have to lock my door? Burglars are real? Psh.. ok, but I'm only doing it because people tell me to. Not because... I might be a little scared.

7) My mom's home cooked meals are the bomb and they take a lot more work than I thought. Thanks momma :)


I know, I know. The fact that some of these are a surprise to me is a little ridiculous. That's what happens when you grow up in the best small town in the world!

Anyone else have embarrassing realizations when you've moved to a new place? Or am I the only one?

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  1. are you in seattle?? come to Portland to see the heilman's. you are welcome anytime:)


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