The Big Reveal

It's time for the big reveal! Well... not really but it makes it seem more exciting. After quite a bit of questions about what mysterious city I'll be living in this summer, I've decided to spill.

Here are a couple of clues...

               1) It's the most literate city in the U.S.

               2) More people bike to work here than in any other city of the U.S.

               3) Their annual rainfall is less than Houston's, Chicago's, and New York's!

               4) My favorite artist Macklemore grew up here
Yes, that's me HUGGING HIM! I only teared up and hyperventilated. I was very proud of myself.

               5) Lastly, it's home to the famous Space Needle!

Have you guessed it?

Yup! Look at you smartie pants.. It's SEATTLE!

And as much as I'd love to say I knew those fun facts off the top my my head... I didn't :( But I did find them here



  1. I'd like to visit Seattle on day, it seems a pretty interesting city!
    Hope you're having a great summer there :)


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