Forks, WA and Friday Funny

Happy Friday, bloggy friends! 
My sister and I took a day trip to Forks, WA yesterday. You know, the place where the good ol' Twilight movies were filmed!

We stopped by the Cullen house, the high school, and Bella's house.
I was really looking forward to seeing the fam - maybe next time

After having some tea with Bella and her dad we headed to the beaches! We stopped at First Beach, Second Beach, and Third Beach. Great names, huh?

I'll just share pictures from first beach today because I know you're dying to watch today's Friday Funny!

Second and Third Beach were even better so stay tuned!

Finally! Today's Friday Funny! You just gotta love the SunDrop commercials! 


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  1. i'm not sure how to take this post... are all of those real houses that people live in or built just for the movie?

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