No AC?!

This past weekend I realized how much I despise heat. I've always been able to escape the 98 degree + 150% humidity heat in Iowa by stepping into a nice air conditioned home.

It's been prettttty hot in Seattle lately and homes don't have air conditioners. I know, WEIRD! Who the heck wouldn't install AC? Well, I guess everyone in Seattle! 

I frantically took a trip to Target to purchase a fan in hopes that it would help. It brought the temp in the house from 86 degrees to a chilling 83. Last night I found myself sitting on the floor right in front of the fan attempting to gain my sanity back. I also woke up a 3am this morning to open the doors in hope to cool off a bit. That worked until 9am and then the heat came rolling in again!

Despite the heat, the weekend was delightful.

I chilled with the cutest puppy, had supper on a rooftop with the most beautiful view of all the mountains, and relaxed by the water. 

Summer, I love you - but you don't have to be so generous with the heat. Feel free to tone it down anytime now :)

Another random thought - It's July already! One disappointing thing I have noticed: It's July and my skin is still white - blindingly white. This definitely needs to be taken care of STAT. Because, you know, everything is just much better when you're tan.
July last year - my babysitting boys loved stealing my phone and snapping pictures
July this year. AAHH! SO WHITE!
Another observation: I have not been on the water yet. Not on a jet ski, not on a boat, not in a pool. This also needs to be fixed. I plan on becoming famous in approximately 3 hours. This will lead to enough money to buy this beaut! 

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  1. I couldn't imagine living without an AC. I live in Louisiana and not only do we have AC's running all day and night, we also have ceiling fans going round the clock and it's still hot as can be!

    When you buy the boat can I come for a ride? Kay, thanks!


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