Today consisted of 3 things :
1) Blogging
2) Working out
3) Taking a trip to Anthropologie

Blogging. This was a BIG hassle today. While trying to pretty up this new blog, I messed some serious things up. It took a few short minutes 6 hours of googling and youtube watching to get my blog back to normal. Once I finally figured out how to get it back to normal, this is approximately what I felt like...

The highlight of my day: ANTHROPOLOGIE! If you've never been to this store, go. Now. Everything about it is amazing - minus the prices. It smells like heaven with all their amazing candles, they have the sweetest jewelry ever, the clothing is SO cool, they even sell bedding and stationary, and tons of other amazingly awesome things. While browsing the jewelry table, I spotted these gems...

which are much prettier in person I might add. My sister and mom both bought them when we were together last and I somehow held off. But, when I walked in and saw they still had them I just had to purchase them :) I'm already wearing them and I can tell they enjoy their new home. 

That's all for now, folks. I'm sure we'll talk again soon :)

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