60 Moments

Beware: This post is a bit lengthy

I decided to go through all 983,761,947,825,406,482,163,999 photos on my computer and pick out the ones that really left a mark on my memory. While I know there are definitely more moments I hold close to me, here are the 60 I'm going to share :) So take a seat in a really comfy sofa, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show! Oh, and P.S. they aren't in the order they happened or in any other particular order. Completely random. 

1) Attending every sporting event my brother participated in ESPECIALLY wrestling
This was my freshman year of HS. My sister was able to make it home for a weekend!
We were serious fans. We didn't just drive to sporting events - we took an RV!
2) Participating in the homecoming games! My HS would take the afternoon off on the Friday of homecoming and play tons of crazy and hilarious games. Below are a just 2 of the games my friends and I did
Pie eating contest with Paige - freshman year
and the donut eating contest with Mag - junior year
3) This is probably the best class I ever took...Sophomore year - 6th period studyhall. Here, I became friends with my "Bestie4Life," Jazmine :)
And yes, we still call each other "Bestie4Life"
4) This was a regular night that turned into an awesome night! My friends Jaz, Mag, Nikki, Maggie D, and I decided to play truth or dare. It included things like....

sticking your tongue to a frozen pole - for some reason another thing I remember so clearly from that night is listening to this song.

5) Taking a band trip to Colorado. We had the funniest bus driver ever whom we nicknamed T-Bone
Sophomore Year
6) Flying out to visit my grandparents. We rented a boathouse for the week and took a little day trip to The Big Apple!

7) Family vacation to Block Island!
We sibs are so attractive!

8) Visiting my brother during parents weekend! I wasn't able to see my siblings often, so when I did it was SUPER exciting.. and still is :)

9) Now this next one was during my sophomore year before I quit volleyball and joined cross country. My volleyball team and I dressed up in camo from head to toe and went to cheer on the cross country team. Oh, did I mention falling in the middle of the course and almost disqualifying my school? Yeah... my bad

10) Roller derby with Jaz, her sister, and cousin! We had the honor of shaking our booties with a big white beast

11) Having both my siblings home for my birthday!
17th birthday? Maybe?

12) Starting a "jump-in-the-lake-the-moment-all-the-ice-has-melted" tradition with 2 of my best friends, Jaz and Mag

Year after year more people joined us :)
13) The summer before my junior year of HS. Everything about it was SO. MUCH. FUN. It may have been because I spent all my time with Mitch, Mag, Jason, and Jaz...yup, that's why!
We took an adventurous canoeing trip
Were all in cross country together
Destroyed Decorated our Coach's classroom for his birthday
14) Cross Country season. I was able to not only spend time with my 4 best friends during school but also for hours afterwards

15) Participating in homecoming dress up days was the bomb! Actually, the entire homecoming week is just awesome
Mag and I being CNA's for these 2 hooligans

16) Seeing Tug for the first time since I left for college! He wasn't exactly a little lazy peanut anymore

17) Dance Team all four years of HS

Senior year zombie dance!
18) Mag and I being dodgeball coaches for the freshman boys

We were coaches for them our junior year, senior year, and we even went back to coach them this past winter :)

19) Having my brother home for my 18th birthday! He cooked me a delicious birthday breakfast and Mag, Mitch, and Jason came over to enjoy it with me :)

It was also ugly sweater day at school - Mag, Mitch, Jason and I are in the last row in the top right :)
20) Doing absolutely nothing in band my junior year. Well actually we did do some things.. like homework and setting off fireworks in the back of the room...
Wouldn't have gotten through band without this kid
21) All the random nights spent at Jaz's house

22) Visiting my Sas in Seattle from time to time

23) Every single moment spent at the lakes. My friends and I fish, tube, celebrate shark week, and become experts at relaxing. I could easily spend the rest of my life there - as long as it meant my best friends would be there with me too :)

24) Becoming the best student section in the world. Yes, we camped outside - in a tent - in the middle of winter - for our basketball team. #dedication

25) Traveling to Boston with my mom and Sierra to visit Curtis

26) Band trip to Kansas City
We got lost in the middle of the city
We also stumbled across a rooftop pool - Mitch and Jason couldn't resist the 33 degree water
                                      27) Teaching a catechism class with Mitch

28) Enrolling in Bleeker's Army to support Mrs. Bleeker as she battled cancer

29) Jaz and I running our first 10k race together
The back of our shirts were just a safety precaution

30) Shaving my one of my best friends heads on a random summer night

31) Attending Rocky Mountain High with 3/4th of the kids from my town. This is also where my 2 friends and I came within 10 feet of a very mad momma grizzly bear
These were our reactions when we saw the bear - I for some reason didn't notice the ginormous bear standing in front of us until we decided that maybe we should move away from her. Thank goodness for Sam and Jaz who spotted her right away!
32) Tearing up the annual fair dances with Jaz, celebrating our annual Dock Night together, and eventually becoming inseparable. This girl, ladies and gents, (along with her awesome family - including extended) is the bee's knees!

33) Going to the fair rodeo to watch Jaz's little brother compete and having the famous little studs sign our arms

34) Playing in the mud volleyball tournament at the fair

35) A relaxing night fishing turned bad when I decided to fall into the muddy water

36) Being on the Homecoming Court with some of my best friends

Riding in the parade with Jason!

37) Spending every free moment with my friends and Tug before I went off to college

38) Foods class my senior year. Not to brag..but..our kitchen got the Kitchen of the Year award!!

39) White water rafting with my new college friends!
I can't help but laugh every time I look at this picture!
40) Curtis and Sierra surprising me on my birthday with tickets to a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert!!
Front row. No biggie.

I knew that moment, the moment we locked eyes, it was true love
41) Being reunited with these 3 hooligans after being apart for far too long
Thanksgiving Break - First year of college
42) MEETING MACKLEMORE!! TALKING TO MACKLEMORE! HUGGING MACKLEMORE! And attending another one of his concerts :)

43) Kicking off the official first day of summer by swimming in this little gem - The song As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber also came out this night if anyone was wondering

44) Ripping up the dance floor with Mitch, Jason, Paige, Katrina, and Denae the night of my senior prom

45) Graduating from HS
Don't mind the blurriness. These are my besties, I couldn't just delete it!

Hannah surprised me in school during my last day of HS! I was told she couldn't make it home for my graduation. BUT SHE DID!!

46) EVERYTHING from my trip to Ireland, England, Wales, and France with my best friends, classmates, and favorite coach
This mountain top in Wales was by far the highlight of the entire trip
47) Seeing my brother graduate from college and having all my family together for once!

48) Going shooting with my dad and brother

49) My freshman year of college. Holy cows. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Freshman Retreat
Kolter and AJ!
A few of my crazy lady friends who I dearly love
50) Growing up with the best puppy in the world, Chamois!

51) Mag surprising me on our last day of senior year by coming to my house to cook me breakfast :)

52) Completing the last day of HS forever!

53) Doing the color run with my mom, Jaz, and Abby

54) Bringing Tug home!

55) Attempting to hold Tug after 5 months of being away from him

56) Being reunited with best friends during Christmas Break

57) Going with Kelly to visit Mitchell at college over our spring breaks

58) Fishing on the lake with Curtis and Sierra

59)  Senior class trip - again... SO MUCH FUN

60) Climbing roofs because we had nothing better to do

Ta-Da! There's a rough outline of my life throughout my HS years and first year of college. I had so much fun going back and looking at all these pictures. Over the years I have made a great group of best friends. Maggie, Jason, Mitchell, Kelly, Michael, Jacob, Jaz, Joe, Paige, and everyone else I spent random fun nights with: We completely OWNED high school and every summer leading up to my first year of college! You made life so enjoyable that I kind of feel bad for the people who don't know you :) 

College friends, thank the lord for helping me get through that extremely tough but wonderful freshman year! I already can't wait to be reunited with all of you! 

Family: Thank you for making me awesome EVERYTHING.

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