Who Wants to See A Beached Whale?!

The hike to Third Beach was filled with gorgeous wildlife. Cow slugs, ginormous trees, banana cow slugs, moss, and more slugs! I thought our animal sightseeing was finished once we approached the beach but I was very wrong. The beach welcomed us with one giant, smelly and rotten whale. Nonetheless, Third Beach was SO pretty!!
This is what you call a Cow Slug
There she is. The beautiful whale
The view on the way home was absolutely GORGEOUS! 
The sun would come out right as we're leaving

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  1. Oh my goodness....ew...and awww...poor whale! But that's really gross at the same time. Well the beach looks gorgeous otherwise! x

    Allie // callmesassafras.com

  2. Hi I just found your blog. I live in Bellingham. I love finding other blogs from Washington. I have only been to Forks once in like 2nd grade. All I remember was the center of town had an area paved in forks. haha. Anyway look forward to reading more of your blog!


Hey, you! Thanks for commenting :)