We're supposed to be Boys

Hello! I'm alive and currently kicking college in the butt. Granted, it's only the 4th day of school - but still!

I have a story for you peeps today about how my lady friends and I spent last night.

It was one of our best friends birthdays so we obvi had to take her out for a birthday dinner.

Thinking we're all sexy and capable of being ladies, we all dress up in cute summer dresses and some of us in heels.

The night starts out well. We arrive at the restaurant safely and just in time for our reservation.

Then comes the moment where the girls who wore heels have to actually walk.

Within seconds of hopping out of the car, one of our lady friends loses control of the gorgeous wedges she's wearing and ends up falling into a puddle. A mud puddle.

We of course laugh until we can't breathe and then proceed with dinner.

Then another one of our friends gets up from the table to head to the bathroom. Seconds after leaving the booth, her heels cause her to fall into a table and turn her ankle in 10 different ways.

My lady friends and I can look hot - but we can't work heels.

Thank goodness I decided to opt for flats.

Lesson learned: We were supposed to be boys.

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  1. Hahah aww that's so me!! I'm only 5 feet tall so every day I just look at my shoes weighing my options. To be a midget (sorry, that's not PC!) or to be falling on the the ground all day...I usually opt for midget! xx

    Allie // callmesassafras.com


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