My Bad

Goodness gracious have I been slacking on this good ol' blog of mine! My apologies. So, today's post is going to be a list of things I've been up to lately. It will probably be all over the place so brace yourselves! 

1) I have started CrossFit! I was super freaking nervous for the first class. I literally sat on my floor an hour before the class started and had to tell myself to just breathe and chill out. (That's embarrassing - maybe I shouldn't have said that. Too late now!) After that first class I realized that my little panic attack was SO not needed. The class was definitely challenging. My throat felt like it was cut with a million razor blades because I was sucking air so badly, but it was seriously so much fun. The coaches were super nice and made you feel very welcome. All the people in my class were also very kind and fun to be with. I have attended CrossFit 2 more times since then and I'm still loving it! The feeling of not being able to move the next day is awful but super awesome. Does that even make sense? And did I mention how cool of a place it is?! 
During our workouts all those doors are open and it's just wonderful :)

2) I've been spending some good quality time with the sas (for those who are new around here it's not sis/sister - it's sas/saster :))
This week we decided to try out a new restaurant and it was DEELICIOUS! 

3) I've been recovering from vacation. AKA trying to get those wonderful One Direction boys out of my head. I don't care what you think - they are just too adorable. And they just won't disappear from my mind. Not that I'm complaining... 

4) After a big plateau, I finally hit my next goal weight! I rewarded myself with a beautiful necklace :)

5) Lastly, I've been volunteering at a hospital. I absolutely love it! Little kids are probably the cutest things in the entire world - besides One Direction, duh.

Ok, so these 5 things probably aren't good enough excuses to keep me from blogging. My bad ladies and gents. I promise I'll step up my game. 

Catch ya on the flip side!

What have you guys been busy with lately?
Anybody addicted to One Direction's new song "Best Song Ever?" Yeah, yeah?? 

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  1. I admire you for doing three session of CrossFit I hear it's killer. And congrats on reaching your next level of weightloss.

    I've been busy doing random odd and ends, nothing that I can recall concretely. The normal up keep of house with two kids, two dogs and a husband.

    I've also been spending a ton of time with my mother who's just moved back to the area.


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