If You're Not A Fan of One Direction - Don't Read This

Ok, so I know hope that I'm not the only One Direction fan in this blogger world. If I just happen to be the only One Direction fan in the blogger world well then, this post is just for me. For me to look at when I'm longing to jump back to July 18, 2013 AKA one of the best days of my life! 

On July 18, 2013, by best friend Maggie and I attended a One Direction concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We had been waiting for over a year for this day to come so we were MORE than excited! 

After waiting in line patiently with a bunch of 12 year olds budging in line, we were seated in our seats in the 16th row! We knew we were going to be close, but we weren't expecting to be THIS close! The stage was RIGHT THERE!!

The opening band was 5 Seconds of Summer, a group of boys from Australia. They were adorable! They sang Teenage Dream by Katy Perry so that was prettty awesome! After the Australian boys were done with their show the suspense started! After 20ish torturous minutes this happened... CAUTION: There are copious amounts of screaming in what you're about to view.

Yes, they decided to torture us even more with a little video before making their grand entrance. Rude!

The night continued on with AMAZING singing, fire, smoke, a floating stage, and a lot of dancing! I took many videos but for some reason a lot of them didn't load. But, below are more pictures and videos from the concert! Enjoy :)

Did you hear Niall? "This is our favorite show!" I'm mean he probably says that at every concert, but still! And aren't their voices to die for?

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the concert. Besides them floating above us, hearing them talk to us, and all the other songs :) IT WAS ALL AWESOME!

Ahh.. all of it was pure amazingness. This post doesn't even BEGIN to do the concert justice. Liam's voice is so so SO good live, Niall is absolutely hilarious, Zayn is so much hotter in person, Louis is freaking adorable, and Harry definitely nailed his solos! If you guys haven't heard their new song you're crazy! Click here RIGHT NOW! You'll fall in love. They are too adorable not to!

Please tell me one blogger out there also likes One Direction??

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm so stinkin' glad that you had the best time, too!!!!! It was seriously way too much fun! I just want to do it all over again. :) And Best Song Ever has definitely been played a million times over...And counting... ;)

    Loving your blog lady!


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