This weekend was definitely a success! My friend from college, Eileen, road-tripped it up to Seattle to spend the weekend with me. 

Before the weekend started Hannah and I scratched something off my summer to-do list! We were headed out of town and while driving we passed Bakery Nouveau. I immediately remembered it was a restaurant on my list - Hannah was starving - we stopped for a visit! It was so adorable inside and I had such a hard time deciding what to splurge on. 

I eventually decided on the cheese danish. Holy smokes. YUM.

It was a dreary day outside and that little bakery definitely helped spike my mood!

Then, it was time for the weekend! Eileen arrived late Friday night. When she got off the bus she was starving so we decided to take a stroll downton to a nice restaurant with candlelit tables.

On Saturday is was so gorgeous outside! High 70's and sunny! We decided to take advantage of this gorgeous weather and walk down by the water all afternoon.

We only had one thing in mind for Saturday night - to go dancing! It was an absolute BLAST! 
Right before we stepped onto the greatest dance floor ever
Taking a break from completely owning the place
  On Sunday we took the vehicle to do some exploring. We stopped at a cute little park            where we were able to take some pictures right on the water.

It was such a fun weekend and I already can't wait until we're reunited - which will be on Friday! :)

Did I mention that we also had the privilege of babysitting these 2 hooligans all weekend?

And on another random note - I want this camera. It's SO SWEET! Early birthday present, Mom? :)

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