Here are some of my favorite blogs to read. Check 'em out. You'll like them. Because these people are awesome and even better, some have cute puppies! 

First up, Freckled Italian. The name says it all. Stop by and check out this simple and adorable blog. Here you will find some really cute clothes, delicious recipe ideas, and a newly engaged blogger!

Next up, every step along the way. This blog is one of my favorites. The lady behind this blog is truly inspiring. She puts God first in every aspect of her life. Which is AWESOME! She also has the most adorable little girls. EVER. You won't be disappointed after visiting this blog. I promise!

Meet Nicole, the lady behind La Mia Vita. She lived in Madrid, Spain (I know, I'm jealous too) for quite some time! She also makes sure to find time to travel elsewhere. To name a few places, she's traveled to Paris, Hawaii, and the Czech Republic. Here you will find breathtaking photos. You might also become a teensy bit jealous of all her adventures. 

Peanut Butter Fingers is a blog based on healthy living. Her puppy healthy recipes and workouts keep me coming back to this blog every day! Her adorable style is also a plus.

London. This girl lives in London. If that's not a good enough reason to make you stop by this blog,The Littlest Things, then I'm sure her beautiful pictures and yummy meals will be!

Ok, yes. Most of them are lovely ladies that live in cool places or are constantly traveling. What can I say? They quench my wanderlust!

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